June 4, 2015

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SOTA Developments

State of the Art Developments is structured and organised to deliver an exciting,
practical and affordable construction experience with a thrusting and extrovert
project management style which empowers both client and buyer to take part in a
focused and joint lifestyle conceptual experience. Lively and pre-planned
inter-management outcomes are delivered into safe, controlled, realistic
delivery environments to ensure that projects are attractive, affordable,
durable, profitable, challenging and marketable. The SOTA Development team works
very hard to guarantee that publicity, presentation and delivery are managed
purposefully and kept directly relevant to the needs of both owners and
prospects. We aim to provide individual client and participating specialist
builders with a ‘one stop shop solution’ by combining project planning and
delivery to maximise the selling and buying experiences for all concerned.  Thereby cost effectiveness is maximised by
utilising every itemised facet with which SOTA Developments is involved..  In summary this guiding principle has enabled
us to keep the finished project fresh, vibrant, attention grabbing and
representative of best developer practice throughout the refurbishment industry.